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Using Robotics to Lighten the Burdens of VAT Processes

Download the whitepaper by Vertex to learn more about how using robotics can lighten the burdens of VAT processes.

Robotics are no longer just for factory automation. Today, businesses across all industries are using robotic processing applications (RPAs) to automate and accelerate everything from customer order processes and payroll processing to compliance reporting.

But the robots have arrived, ready to automate rule-based VAT tasks. Imagine managing the process as the mouse moves about the screen, with words being typed and applications being opened and closed as if a human were pecking away at the keyboard.

In this whitepaper titled, Destination Augmentation: Robotic process automation (RPA) can help tax functions enhance VAT management, we explore the challenges of managing VAT and how RPAs help you address them – all while increasing the speed, productivity, and quality of your VAT lifecycle.