Our strategic alliance with Deloitte delivers the Vertex best-in-class global tax technology and services to businesses across the world. Deloitte's expertise coupled with our leading technology can support businesses as they uncover new challenges and opportunities.

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Benefits of Our Alliance

Deloitte Tax LLP is a leader in tax technology and offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services along with Vertex tax solutions. Deloitte's approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines, with business and industry knowledge to help organizations excel.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte helps organizations evolve from their current state to the next-generation tax function with an emphasis on the acquisition of tax-sensitized data, the use of efficient processes, the implementation of direct, indirect, and enterprise software, and the design of tax organizations.

Optimizing Tax Systems

Deloitte helps tax departments understand their current tax processes, data flow and how they can improve processes by providing advisory services on the following: data flow analysis, technology selection, tax systems design and implementation of third-party software and custom tools.

Indirect Tax Automation

Assisting tax departments in automating the transactional determination of appropriate indirect taxes by enhancing ERP systems and indirect tax software is another service offered by Deloitte. This enables tax departments to identify and utilize critical tax-relevant data and information that reduces manual tax decisions, automates tax compliance, and drives business agility.

Tax Data Management & Analytics

Deloitte also helps tax departments utilize technology to manage tax processes and resolve complex tax data issues. Services include tax benchmarking, trend and data analysis, and predictive analysis to gain deeper insights into tax processes and profiles.

Tax-Enabled Enterprise Systems

Deloitte assists tax departments with configuring and leveraging ERP systems to produce the critical tax-relevant data and information needed to streamline tax processes, proactively implement tax planning, and provide better tax audit documentation support.

Performance Management Technology (PMT)

Deloitte provides Performance Management Technology (PMT) services that offer tax departments new ways to track, measure, and manage tax data collection and computations by leveraging leading technologies