Better Together: How IT & Tax Teams Can Prepare For The Digital Future

Seven people in a boardroom, as seen through a glass door. Five people in business attire sit around a minimalist white table in similarly styled chairs. The remaining person is standing and appears to be leading the conversation in the front of the room. She points to papers attached to the wall, as if she is going over important data.

When organizations and their tax departments pursue digital and sustainable initiatives, it’s necessary that they stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and their place in a digital tax environment. As tax departments undergo digital transformations, they need to develop an agile approach where tax employees work in tandem with IT teams and evolving technology to realize collective capabilities and effectively streamline workloads.

Through preparation and planning, organizations can upskill employees and leverage automation to accelerate time-consuming processes with accurate data-driven insights. For organizations looking to modernize their tax operations, Better Together: How IT & Tax Teams Can Prepare For The Digital Future, will discuss how tax and IT departments can collaborate and work towards a digital future together. 

Watch this webinar recording with our panel of industry experts to learn more about:  

  • Why legacy tax operations are inefficient in the context of company-wide expansion
  • Expansion-ready tax processes: how organizations can facilitate the digitization of their tax operations 
  • Utilizing data analytics and data-driven insights to meet your organization’s needs


Larry Mellon
Tax Director
Vertex Chief Tax Office

Steve Bonck
Deloitte Tax LLP

Chris Barnes
CTO & Director of Operations and Strategic Services
Howard LLP

James Goody – Moderator 
Ballast Investments

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