Deloitte Tax LLP offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. Their approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help organizations excel.

Deloitte is a leader in tax technology services helping organizations move forward from their current state to the next-generation tax function with an emphasis on the acquisition of tax-sensitized data, the use of efficient processes, the implementation of direct, indirect, and enterprise software, and the design of tax organizations.

Tax Technology Services:

Tax Systems – Helping tax departments understand their current tax processes and data flow and how they can improve processes by providing advisory services in data flow analysis, technology selection, and tax systems design and implementation of third party software and custom tools.

Indirect Tax Automation – Assisting tax departments in automating the transactional determination of appropriate indirect taxes by enhancing ERP systems and indirect tax software. This, in turn, will help tax departments to identify and utilize critical tax-relevant data and information in an effort to reduce manual tax decisions, automate tax compliance, and enable business agility.

Tax Data Management and Analytics – Helping tax departments utilize technology to manage tax processes and resolve complex tax data issues, and explore tax benchmarking, trend and data analysis, and predictive analysis to gain deeper insights into their tax processes and profiles.

Tax-Enabled Enterprise Systems – Assisting tax departments with configuring and leveraging ERP systems to produce the critical tax-relevant data and information needed to streamline tax processes, more effectively identify and implement tax planning, and provide better tax audit documentation support. Also, providing Performance Management Technology (PMT) services that offer organizations and their tax departments new ways to track, measure, and manage tax data collection and computations by leveraging leading technologies, which are typically utilized by the finance function.

Deloitte and Vertex Form Alliance to Enhance Tax Technology and Services, read the press release for additional information.

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Nathan Andrews
Partner and Global/National Leader
Practice Description: Tax Management Consulting
Regions Served:  Global/US
Work Phone: +1 919 546 8000

David Landers
Tax Partner
Practice Description: Tax Management Consulting
Regions Served:  National
Work Phone: +1 713 982 4518

Stephen Metoyer
Tax Principal
Practice Description: Tax Management Consulting
Regions Served:  National
Work Phone: +1 713 982 3314

Ann Jackson
Managing Director
Practice Description: Tax Management Consulting
Regions Served:  National
Work Phone: +1 713 982 3197

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