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Environmental Sustainability

Executive summary
  • A corporate commitment to environmental stewardship—with clear, measurable goals and proactive environmental reporting.
  • Recognition that environmental issues are a continued problem. Our Sustainability Program reflects a deep corporate commitment to “do no harm.
  • An employee base that is aware of environmental concerns and opportunities to make an impact.
  • Strong position for supporting clients’ sustainability initiatives.

In addition to monitoring and following environmental regulations, we continually work to identify, measure, and reduce the negative environmental impacts of our business operations. We also actively engage our employees to increase their awareness—and actions—around safety and environmental stewardship. And, we are proud to support Vertex clients in their sustainability goals by delivering proactive reports about our performance in these areas.

Through our Sustainability Program, Vertex has established some clear and measurable goals, including efforts to occupy only Energy Star certified buildings and to continuously identify ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Vertex is committed to enhance the scope of carbon footprint reporting.

To date, we have already achieved some important wins, including;

  • 2014 expansion of office space to an Energy Star certified Building, 
  • 2015 measured Scope 3 emissions for the first time,
  • 2016 achieved a 1% reduction in absolute Scope 2 GHG emissions, which is one quarter of our 2015-2017 goal of 4% reduction.

Above all, we recognize that enhancing environmental sustainability represents an ongoing opportunity—one that we will continue to address both through the formal Sustainability Program and through day-to-day decisions and actions.

  • Formal team that focuses on Vertex’s Sustainability Program—continually evaluating commitments and identifying new opportunities to make a positive impact
  • Strong commitment to keeping employees educated and engaged around environmental and safety issues
  • Disciplined approach to environmental reporting, including addressing customers’ needs for information about our Sustainability Program
  • Culture of environmental stewardship that helps our company and our customers address sustainability
  • Clearly articulated goals to help guide action among all stakeholders within the company
  • Proactive, detailed reporting on Vertex’s environmental stewardship performance
  • Demonstrated success in promoting a proactive culture where employees identify and implement carbon footprint reduction opportunities

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