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Optimize the integration between Vertex and SAP Accelerator with PLUS Tools.

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The PLUS tools provide SAP customers using Vertex indirect tax solutions market leading, customer tested and accepted tax management solutions. Through the utilization of pre-developed tools and programs, the PLUS Tools deliver standardized and integrated global capability, so you can get the most out of your software investment.

Whether you access the PLUS tools from LCR-Dixon through Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP or add them on to your existing SAP instance, they will be able to address common gaps in the tax determination process, improve the precision of transaction tax operations, and help realize a quicker return on investment with an end-to-end solution.

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     Do you spend too much time correcting taxes on your invoices?

     Are you challenged with Bad Data being entered into PO's and invoices? 

     Do you struggle with gathering your data in SAP for your tax audits?

     Do you face ongoing liabilities and overpayments?

Discover How These Tools Can Help You:

  • FLUX Monitor

    FLUX Monitor monitors changes of master data and keeps your tax systems up-to-date and accurate. You can set triggers so that if someone adds a cost center or GL account, you can be notified and maintain full transparency. You can even make set-up changes to your other systems too, such as adding nexus somewhere, becoming registered, or mapping a group or materials or products to a Vertex category.

    Key Features of the FLUX Monitor include:

    • Easily track changes that are made in your system
    • Run Reports on-demand or schedule them with email integration
    • Identify changes that might be affecting your filing obligations

    Validate and convert your addresses and existing jurisdiction codes with SCOUT.  TJC validation and conversion programs minimize tax errors when the TJCs expire. SCOUT is multi-threaded for fast performance, providing your business with high performance conversions, validations and reporting.

    Key Features of SCOUT include:

    • Covers customers, vendors, WBS elements, Cost Centers, Plants, Sales Orders & Purchase Orders
    • Address is verified before the conversion
    • Conversion function automatically updates your master data and documents with new TJCs
  • flexRFC

    Reviewing your AP invoices and seeing that you have to make adjustments can be a very manual process. Make these adjustments with ease with flexRFC, which allows much quicker processing. 

    Key Features of flexRFC include:

    • flexRFC keeps Vertex up-to-date as well as SAP
    • Process multiple tax credits with a single click
    • Automatic processing of tax credits & debits to Billing and Accounts Payable invoices
  • flexTAX

    flexTAX connects the dots between your business events and your tax solution by filling the gaps that you find around procurement cards, expense allocations, or any type of transaction where you need to make a use-tax accrual.

    Key Features of flexTax include:

    • Load spreadsheets with expense or MPU allocations in numerous file formats
    • Create account documents and instantly post entries for tax accruals and expenses
    • Update your Vertex tax journal simultaneously for seamless returns filing
    • Seamless reporting function for full audit trail
  • VENDORecon

    VENDORecon is one of the most popular PLUS tools as it compares the tax amount calculated by Vertex to the tax generated on the vendor bill. This tool automates the reconciliation process and then addresses any differences or discrepancies so that your AP team doesn't have to deal with those time-consuming, manual tax decisions.

    So, whether the tax is billed too high or too low, VENDORecon will automate your outcomes to Pay as Billed, Accrue, or Short Pay.

    Key Features of VENDORecon include:

    • Configurable rules for consistent results
    • Rule set-up for seller privilege, vendor and state exemptions
    • Eliminates much of the A/P decision-making 
  • Diagnostax

    Let your tax team do its job more efficiently and accurately with LCR Dixon’s Diagnostix tool. Diagnostix provides immediate view of your AP activity, allows you to flag and autocorrect bad data input, and reduces your review time before you have to file monthly returns.

    Tax teams using SAP must often deal with messy, inaccurate reports. And having to constantly train these teams on how to stop making bad data inputs slows down the organization at many levels. With Diagnostix, this mess of data is transformed into something your team can manage. Diagnostix works by taking 200 fields from your SAP tables and creating one easy-to-use analytics program.

    Some of your benefits and features include:

    Greater Visibility to Accounts Payable

    • Enjoy an immediate view of your AP activity and tax accuracy

    No More Bad Data

    • Say goodbye to bad data input with the Data Fix feature, which flags and autocorrects as you go

    Reduction of your Review Time

    • Experience less scary audits by examining all invoices covered in your analysis before filing monthly returns

    Watch the video below to learn more about how Diagnostix works.