Easily Convert Records into Vertex Exemption Certificate Records with FLUX Builder

What is FLUX Builder?

FLUX Builder allows for reporting on your customers in your SAP system and determines if those customers have exemption certificates. It easily converts those SAP customers into Vertex exemption records and runs a test of the certificates. It can integrate with flexRFC AR to process tax-only credits and is compatible with Drop Shipment to help manage Home State exemptions.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Reduce the time AR staff spends cancelling invoices and re-invoicing to fix tax errors.
  • Reduce reconciliation issues on tax returns.
  • Improve reporting and audit trail.
  • Less time and cost spent on sales tax credits.
  • Tighter audit trail reduces sales tax audit exposure and penalties.
  • Better customer service.
Discover a better way to manage exemption certificates.

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