Automate Tax Reconciliations during A/P Processing in SAP with VENDORecon

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Solve tax pains in SAP

What is VENDORecon?

VENDORecon integrates with Vertex to validate taxes during A/P processing in SAP. Compatible with touch-free invoicing, VENDORecon automatically balances vendor tax differences, so your Accounts Payable team can focus on faster processing, while enabling that your tax obligations are met.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Applies automated outcomes for full and partial accruals, short-pays and paying-as-billed
  • Tolerance thresholds for balanced handling
  • Compatible with invoices sourced through A/P automation programs
  • Reduces A/P decisions and key strokes for tax handling

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Optimize the integration between Vertex and SAP with PLUS Tools. These tools provide SAP customers using Vertex market-leading, customer tested and accepted tax management solutions.

  • Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP | Elevate your tax functions in SAP
  • Diagnostax | Run automated use tax analytics and real-time corrections in SAP
  • flexRFC AP | Easily process use tax corrections with our integrated tool for SAP users
  • flexRFC AR | Put an end to messy tax-only credits and make adjustments easily in SAP
  • flexTAX | Manage your use tax risk on Procurement Card purchases
  • FLUX Monitor | Know when data changes in SAP, so you can keep tax compliant
  • SCOUT | Easily validate and convert Tax Jurisdiction Codes in SAP

Learn about our SAP Partnership

We've partnered with SAP for over 25 years, enabling over 900 mutual clients to benefit from automated tax solutions that enable more accurate and consistent taxation across the enterprise and around the world.

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