US Tax Implications for European Businesses

Whether you have a physical presence in the US, sell remotely or are planning to expand into the US market, the complexities of US tax pose an enormous regulatory challenge.

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US sales and use tax is extremely complex. It involves a network of locations, tax types, rates and exceptions with numerous variations. A background in European VAT will do little to prepare you for the complexities of the US indirect tax environment. It’s therefore vital that all businesses operating in the US equip themselves with the knowledge and tools capable of meeting the compliance challenge.

Check out the resources we’ve created to help you decipher the US tax environment, ensuring compliance and success within the US market.

Navigating the Complex US Tax Environment

The US tax environment is vastly different from that of Europe. Tax technology can help businesses stay tax compliant, prevent audits and avoid reputational damage.

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Furthermore, a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in South Dakota v. Wayfair means that online retailers may be required to collect tax on out-of-state transactions. Unlike other changes in US sales tax legislation, this ruling could pose significant challenges for non-US retailers that currently sell remotely into the US, bringing the complexity closer to home.

Why Wayfair Matters to Europe’s Remote Sellers

When it comes to the US Supreme Court’s recent Wayfair decision, online sellers based in Europe and beyond would do well to heed this advice: “Click it or Ticket!”

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What are the Next Steps for Europe?

The Wayfair decision represents a historic shift in how US states can require remote sellers throughout the world to register for sales tax, charge the tax and start filing local sales tax returns.

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The world is changing, eCommerce, our type of business, is changing. Taxation is changing. Compliance is changing.

Okko Koorn
Senior Finance Officer
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