Vertex Accelerator for SAP

Maximize control and visibility over tax operations with this essential add-on to Vertex indirect tax solutions.

Vertex Inc. Accelerate Commerce with Tax Automation

Powerful enhanced functionality between Vertex and SAP

Improve the power and speed of Vertex O Series and achieve ROI sooner. The Vertex Accelerator for SAP ERP provides a new platform within your SAP environment to deliver additional capabilities and functionality to enhance your Vertex tax determination.

Features, Benefits & Highlights

Improve your data precision and tax processes.

Robust data mapping, real-time address cleansing, and streamlined tax content maintenance tools all combine to improve the accuracy of tax determination in your Vertex system.

Streamline data mapping and improve visibility inside your SAP ERP.

The graphical user interface provides greater visibility, enabling tax professionals to manage data mapping and system configuration with minimal IT support. A Vertex area menu inside SAP allows for easy navigation to Accelerator functions.


Reduce interruptions and streamline troubleshooting.

Transaction Monitor removes transactions that are blocking the queue and notifies the user for correction. Use transaction logs to view detailed data and pinpoint changes made for improved troubleshooting and faster resolution.

Unleash the power of your data with standard and custom reporting.

Improve the use of SAP standard reports for sales and purchases, access additional valuable pre-developed reports, and create custom reports to support reconciliation and tax management.


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