Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP

An essential add-on to Vertex Indirect Tax O Series — improving power, visibility, and control.

Improve the power and speed of your Vertex O Series solution, and achieve ROI sooner. The Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP provides a new platform within your SAP environment to deliver additional capabilities and functionality to support your Vertex O Series tax management solution. 


Enhanced Taxability Management

Integrated tools to improve visibility and control over granular taxability management of your complex product portfolio.

Improved Jurisdiction Identification

Precise jurisdiction identification to improves sales, use, and value added tax accuracy.

Streamlined Maintenance of Rules & Rates

Identifies SAP tax codes for transactions and eliminates the maintenance when there are rate and rule changes.

Easier Navigation

A Vertex area menu within SAP enables easier navigation to all Accelerator functionality.

Multiple Deployment Options

Deployment options to meet your IT needs. Available in the private cloud, on-premise, or on-demand.


  • SAP reporting for sales and purchases
    • Improved use of SAP standard reports.
    • Additional pre-developed SAP-specific reports that include the most relevant data elements for transaction taxes.
    • Pre-defined Reconciliation Reports between SAP and Vertex O Series.
  • Transaction queue monitor
    • Eliminate tax process interruptions by removing blocking transactions from the queue and notifying the end-user regarding communication disruptions for analysis and correction.
  • Real-time and batch master data address cleansing
    • Allows SAP to pass street addresses to Vertex for more precise address assignment.
  • Goods movement
    • Streamline the taxation of inventory and asset movements outside of SAP capabilities.
  • VAT enhancements
    • Support for countries outside the U.S. and Canada.
    • Use of address data for tax determination (vs. Tax Jurisdiction Code) outside the U.S. and Canada.
    • Support for multiple currencies.
    • Supports complex supply chain models and intra-company transactions and triangulation.
    • Validation of customer, vendor, or company VAT registration numbers via the VIES validation web service.
    • Indirect tax management for both U.S.- and EU-based companies managing facilities abroad.
  • Deferred tax
    • Manages the transfer of tax from the deferred tax account to a regular tax account.
  • Logging
    • Greater visibility into transactional data from start to finish, including any fields that were changed by the Indirect Tax Accelerator.
    • Pre-developed user exit code and logging reduces dependency on IT support to ease troubleshooting.
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