Tackling Cloud Myths & Misconceptions for Retail

Episode 1 of 5 | What’s Taxing Retailers Podcast Series

Episode 1 Summary 

The global pandemic created an extremely volatile business environment. Retailers and brands had to embrace new channels and stand-up new experiences in order to maintain business continuity and resilience. Many focused on their e-commerce businesses and ensuring that they were able to quickly and efficiently adapt to ever-changing consumer needs and demands. Cloud computing solutions supported retailers big and small in their efforts to remain agile and thrive in times of uncertainty. But the reality is, the cloud isn’t an industry standard, and some executives may be hesitant to make the leap for several reasons. 

During this episode, industry experts will speak candidly about making the move to the cloud and will tackle myths and misconceptions head-on.


Chris Sarne Senior Director of Product Management Strategy, Oracle
Pete Olanday, Retail Practice Leader, Vertex Consulting 
Michael Galella, Director of Consulting Center of Excellence, Vertex 

About the Podcast Series 

Disruption is nothing new in retail, but today’s executives haven’t faced anything like the events of 2020 in a very long time. But what tech and trends are creating the most challenges…and which are creating the most opportunity? In this series, we aim to answer one very big, important question: What’s Taxing Retailers?

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