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Episode 3 of 5 | What’s Taxing Retailers Podcast Series

Episode 3 Summary 

As vaccines roll out and we see a symbolic light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, executive leadership teams are asking one question: which consumer behaviors will stick for the long-term? These behaviors, of course, dictate where retailers prioritize their time and investments, and now, the stakes are higher for them to make the right decisions. 

In this episode, we’ll dig into some of the tech and experience trends that came into the spotlight during the pandemic as well as current trends and predictions around how they will evolve moving forward. Our expert participants will also dig into the financial and tax implications that come with rolling out these kinds of experiences.


Chris Sarne, Senior Director of Product Management Strategy, Oracle 
Nate Stohrer, Principal Consultant – Retail Practice, Vertex

About the Podcast Series 

Disruption is nothing new in retail, but today’s executives haven’t faced anything like the events of 2020 in a very long time. But what tech and trends are creating the most challenges…and which are creating the most opportunity? In this series, we aim to answer one very big, important question: What’s Taxing Retailers?

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