Staying Ahead of a Sales and Use Tax Audit

Learn about the top audit triggers and how to be prepared.

Staying Ahead of a Sales and Use Tax Audit

E-Book Overview

Understanding what can trigger an audit is critical in helping avoid going through one. A firm grasp on your company’s obligations for sales and use tax along with keeping on top of ever-changing state tax rules and regulations is the first step. With the right processes and procedures in place, your finance team can spend less time worrying about an audit and more on growing the business.

In this e-book, we’ll detail the factors that can trigger a sales and use tax audit, as well as how your business can be best prepared, including:

  • The most effective ways to stay in compliance navigating ever-changing state tax rules and regulations
  • The impact of the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision and how it adds another layer of complexity for businesses with an e-commerce component
  • The role of automation in mitigating the risk of a sales and use tax audit
  • Tax implications in the midst of digital transformation COVID-19’s effects in fundamentally changing the way the economy and businesses operate

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Automate Sales & Use Tax to Boost Compliance

Enable a powerful solution built to reduce audit risk and support your business as you develop new business models and grow into new markets.

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