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Since 1972, DMA has been assisting corporate taxpayers minimize the cost and administration of state and local taxes. We have earned a solid reputation as one of North America’s leading state and local tax-consulting firms and serve our clients from offices across the U.S. and Canada.
With our technological expertise, we can help you reduce costs, make better use of administrative resources, and minimize human errors. Our experience with all major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and transaction tax software systems enable us to help you implement new systems or update and realign what you already have to meet current business requirements.

Implementation and System Optimization
Whether you have a specific internal implementation issue to resolve or need comprehensive turnkey services, DMA's technical and tax team is prepared to tackle the project on time and on budget. We have extensive experience with Vertex implementation and Vertex integration projects including:

  • Vertex® Sales Tax L Series, Q Series, and O Series services
  • Vertex Communication Tax Q Series
  • Tax/eCommerce Integration services
  • Tax/SAP Integration Services
  • Tax/Oracle Integration Services
  • Tax/Lawson Integration Services
  • Tax/JD Edwards Integration Services
  • Tax/Baan Integration Services
  • Other Tax/ERP and financial accounting systems integration services

Over time, demands on a business change and the current installation of your transactional tax software may no longer be aligned with the needs of the business. DMA regularly assists clients with the identification of performance gaps leading to the formulation and execution of a plan to not only bridge these gaps but also create a dynamic environment that can readily adapt to future changes.
Optimize your Vertex® Sales Tax L Series, Q Series, and O Series systems.

  • On-site tax system assessments and business readiness reviews
  • On-site training on Vertex® Sales Tax L Series and Q Series Products
  • Custom Tax Integration API Development
  • Tax/eCommerce Development and Integration Services
  • Tax/Legacy Data Conversion Services

Productivity Tools
DMA has developed a collection of aftermarket utility software applications specifically designed to complement your Vertex system. The utilities are used to extend the reach of your system into additional areas of compliance, internal reporting, audit defense, file and data management as well as the automation of your system implementation.

Our tax professionals go far beyond normal sales/use tax systems training, extending it to share information with the class relative to the integration of the customer’s sales/use tax system with their ERP system.

Tax Services
Clients can select from a variety of U.S. sales/use tax and Canadian commodity services, including:

  • Overpayment reviews and refund filing
  • Audit services, including managed audits and audit assessment reduction
  • Compliance services, including return preparation, return filing and tax bill payment
  • Managed compliance agreement services
  • Development of direct pay percentages
  • Compliance software consulting
  • Strategic consulting, including research and planning
  • Training
  • Underpayment reviews

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