Tax Technology on the Edge: Strategies to Improve Accuracy, Performance and Scale for Retailers

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Until recently, most businesses have deployed customer-facing technology that is geared toward transactions such as processing sales, generating invoices, and managing inventory. However, as information-empowered individuals increasingly dictate the terms of engagement, businesses must find new ways to apply IT to enhance customer interactions.

This includes the calculation of indirect tax, especially in customer-facing scenarios such as e-commerce where a slow experience can mean the difference between a satisfied shopper and an abandoned shopping cart.

Cloud computing has given IT leaders a broad range of options for serving the customer—from stream data processing to machine learning and mobile apps. Yet, there are structural limitations to how effectively centralized clouds can deliver the split-second performance employees need at the point of decision.

Edge computing is a rapidly evolving IT architecture that distributes processing among a network of intelligent devices. Gartner defines it as “solutions that facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation.

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