Perspectives: The Future of Tax Optimization in the SAP Ecosystem

Vertex Tax Determination Solutions for facing tax complexity with sales tax, use tax, and value added tax in your specific industry.

Press watch to view an interactive and lively chat with Suzy Soo, Vice President, Business Development Leader, Vertex Inc. and Justin Barnes Vice President, Tax Technology U.S Operations, DMA Inc. as we explore the evolution of tax automation in the SAP ecosystem and share insights on the sales/use tax challenges we see companies facing today. We’ll map the most common pain points to how we resolve them, helping tax teams to become self-sufficient and share ideas for building the business case for your tax solution investments.

Key learning objectives:  

  • Understand current technology trends and challenges around tax automation in SAP
  • Learn about strategies for successful indirect tax automation 
  • Discover best practices for building an effective business case 

We hope you enjoy the on-demand webcast!

Our Alliance with DMA, Inc.

Explore our alliance with Ducharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. — a leader in solving corporate tax challenges for companies throughout the US and Canada.

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