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New legislation will require new VAT compliance obligations

With new US and European VAT marketplace developments and impacts from the pandemic, e-commerce and marketplace businesses are not only facing increasing transaction tax legislation, but an opportunity for exponential growth.

E-Commerce businesses are facing a raft of new VAT requirements that will come into effect in July 2021, including marketplace vendors now being liable for charging the right VAT on products when selling into and within the European Union and reporting VAT using the one-stop-shop process.

These and the other rules coming into play will have a significant impact on both UK and European e-commerce businesses, as well as US companies selling goods to consumers in EU Member States. Read More

Keeping up with the latest regulatory changes is challenging at best, and the effort required to support business expansion can hinder a company’s agility to respond to market opportunity. Vertex offers a cloud-based automated VAT reporting solution to reduce risk, improve process efficiency, improve data quality, and keep the business in line with the latest regulatory changes.

Vertex has end-to-end solutions to manage your VAT compliance challenges. If you are concerned about the July legislative changes or want to learn more about managing VAT, complete the form below or click Learn More and a Vertex representative will reach out to understand your challenges and how we can best support you.

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