Why Outsource Sales & Use Tax Compliance?

Learn more about the drivers, cost, and ROI of outsourcing sales and use tax compliance.

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What is outsourcing compliance all about?

Outsourcing sales and use tax returns allows businesses to refocus their tax staff on more value-add work while reducing the cost of training and infrastructure development. It frees up time to focus on more strategic work and allows you to reallocate workload in response to staff constraints.

Tax executives who’ve outsourced compliance report that they now have time to focus on audit prep, analytics and reporting, and tax research. View our infographic below to learn more about outsourcing sales and use tax compliance and see the benefits it can provide to your business:

Outsourcing Compliance - What's It All About-Infographic

What’s the ROI of outsourcing compliance?

Companies that outsource compliance report benefits in multiple areas, including a reduction of time spent on compliance, notices, and treasury needs — from 500 checks/month in-house to 1 wire transfer with outsourced compliance.

With Vertex, you get the assurance that you’ll be interacting with experienced staff, have the support of an end-to-end service solution, and gain the peace of mind that all services will be managed in Naperville, IL — so nothing is offshored.

Explore the features of Vertex® Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing

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