Vertex Cloud Data Integrity

A tax-specific solution for the data validation, analysis, and transformation steps that are required to properly support the indirect tax compliance process.

What is Vertex Cloud Data Integrity?

Vertex Cloud Data Integrity is a cloud-based, tax-specific solution for the automation of the data validation, analysis, and transformation steps that are required for a company to properly support their indirect tax compliance process. Vertex Cloud Data Integrity increases tax return data quality so that companies can reduce their audit risk and increase tax staff efficiency.

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Simple, Easy to Use UI

  • Cloud-based, modern user interface
  • Designed for tax professionals
  • Maximized responsiveness, efficiency, and design for an exceptional user experience

Rule-Based Approach

  • Supplied rules for common scenarios 
  • Create your own rules
  • Rule previews for simple rule creation
  • Lookup tables to expand rule reach
  • Flexible outcomes for rules 

Data Validation

  • Single page view for easy data analysis, review, and correction
  • In-line edits for ad-hoc data repair
  • Flexible correction outcomes 
  • File status for simple workflow creation

Audit History Log

  • Provides full transparency for all data repairs made
  • Automatically captures and documents all changes
  • Tracks application activities by user


  • Increase data accuracy

    Delivers powerful, automated, rule-based capabilities to simplify the analysis, review, and correction of all the data required to properly support the indirect tax compliance process and reduce audit risk and penalties.

  • Provide an audit trail for data repairs

    Increases the ability to document what changes were made to transactions and why, providing full transparency and minimizing the time required to get backup information for specific transactions.

  • Lower audit exposure and risk of penalties

    Minimizes risk and exposure through the automation and standardization of data validation and corrections, and provides an audit log that documents all comments and changes for audit protection.

  • Empower tax staff

    Enables staff to confidently manage tax data, with sophisticated validation, enrichment, and transformation capabilities through a simple, tax-specific UI.

  • Increase staff efficiency

    Minimizes the time required by tax staff to validate and ensure completeness of all required tax data, through an automated rule-based approach.

  • Reduce recurring master data errors

    Minimizes the time required to check data for transaction entry errors and increases the ability to check and track that adjustments/corrections were made to the ERP or other transactional source systems, eliminating recurring errors.

  • Minimize tax obligation

    Minimizes the tax burden for your tax department, by reducing overpayments in sales and use tax or by maximizing VAT reimbursements through improved data quality.

  • Maximize business agility

    Maximizes business agility through a cloud-based, scalable solution that can support your business as it grows.

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