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As online marketplaces reach increasingly global audiences, Taxamo Marketplace by Vertex helps marketplace businesses comply fully with changing international tax regulations.

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VAT/GST compliance for marketplaces

As part of new EU 2021 regulation, marketplaces will soon need to conduct thousands of VAT/GST checks on their sellers, assign and calculate VAT/GST on transactions in real-time, and issue invoices that comply with the complex new set of rules. Taxamo Marketplace by Vertex works alongside your existing ERP or determination solutions or standalone for end-to-end service complete with compliance checks, tax determination, invoicing and treasury.

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Explore the Features, Benefits & Highlights

Automated VAT/GST registration checks on sellers.

Taxamo Marketplace by Vertex handles seller VAT/GST registration determination, initial VAT/GST number checks, and ongoing VAT/GST number checks.

A real-time tax determination engine.

On-demand product categorization, line item liability assignment (LILA), VAT/GST calculation, and reporting dashboards make transactions effortless.

Making compliance with new invoicing regulations easy.

Whether your sales now require multiple invoices per basket, chains of invoices from seller to platform to customers, self-billed invoices or up to 27 EU invoicing requirements to comply with, we handle it all for you with buyer and back-to-back invoicing.


Taking care of key factors that determine liability.

Taxamo Marketplace by Vertex accounts for the four key factors for assignment of VAT/GST liability for online marketplaces - where the customer is, what the goods are, what the value of the goods are, and where the underlying seller is.

EU 2021- The impact for Marketplaces

  • Marketplaces will now become deemed suppliers for VAT/GST in most common scenarios and must charge VAT/GST at point of sale 
  • The low value goods VAT/GST exemption will no longer apply 
  • A new pan-Europe sales threshold for customer location-based VAT/GST will now apply on all sales within the region 
  • The launch of new Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) and One Stop Shop (OSS) schemes to avoid the need for multi-country registration and reporting 
  • New record-keeping regulations are now applicable for marketplaces, regardless of whether they are deemed sellers for VAT/GST purposes 

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