Vertex Tax Categorization Service

Leverage machine learning to streamline the product mapping process.

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Machine Learning Tax Categorization to Improve Tax Accuracy

The Vertex Tax Categorization Service uses powerful machine learning technology to provide complex product mapping to the appropriate tax category. Outsource your product mapping to Vertex Consulting to scale your internal tax process to support business growth.

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We'll streamline and digitize complex product mapping.

Let our machine-learning-based service remove the time-consuming effort of categorizing tax for your varied product line.

Machine learning technology leverages historical data sets for improved accuracy.

We feed your product data into a powerful machine learning model that learns from large, diverse datasets to predict taxability categories with greater speed and accuracy.


Improve confidence in taxability as you grow your business.

Businesses with a continually growing product line can scale their taxability mapping without compromising accuracy or requiring added staff.

Reduce risk and improve tax determination accuracy.

Mastering complex product taxability for a continually growing product line will improve tax determination accuracy and consistency in your tax engine for reduced audit risk.



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    Tax Categorization – Revolutionized by Machine Learning

“We were spending significant hours in a manual process to serve our buyers and sellers. We needed to find a smart, innovative way to solve tax categorization. Vertex wasn't afraid to listen to our needs, stand bold, and innovate a tax categorization solution for us.”

Jacqui Van der Leij Head of Tax Technology, eBay

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