Your Sales Management System’s Missing Ingredient: Tax Technology

Something vitally important may be missing from your sales management systems and processes: integration with your sales and use tax platform.

Vertex maintains strong partnerships and alliances with businesses worldwide to ensure companies can save time, simplify tax, and stay compliant as they grow.

Something vitally important may be missing from your sales management systems and processes: integration with your sales and use tax platform.

These two tech domains are natural partners, of course, but the connections between them can be patchy, to say the least. Without automated integrations, sales reps and tax pros have to do a lot of manual re-entry in and out of the systems to transfer data, which can be time-consuming and mistake-prone. Companies may have custom integrations in place, but these often strain to handle the constant day-to-day fluctuations in sales tax rules and rates, let alone something as disruptive as the 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair decision and the cascade of changes that continue to follow in its wake.

Vertex for Salesforce CRM Connector

But with a reliable, accurate, automated connection to your sales and use tax platform, your sales management systems can do some amazing things. A Vertex e-book titled Taking the Pain out of Tax Calculation in Salesforce Applications examines those benefits. The Vertex for Salesforce CRM connector integrates our platform with the leading customer relationship management solution. Businesses deploying the connector can then add integration with Salesforce’s configure-price-quote (CPQ), billing, and e-commerce modules.

You can learn more about the features and functionality of our Salesforce CRM integration in our e-book.

Our Vertex integrations also help each of the Salesforce platforms that it supports, which I’ll delve into in my next post.

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Erin Kissling

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Erin Kissling is a Partner Manager for technology partnerships at Vertex, responsible for leading the global partnership with Salesforce to drive new business, product and channel opportunities. Prior to this position, Erin served as a Partner Marketing Manager, supporting several e-commerce relationships including Magento, BigCommerce and Salesforce, as well as system integrators. She received her undergraduate degree from Kutztown University and is currently pursuing her MBA at Villanova School of Business.

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