Why is Indirect Tax in Procure-to-Pay So Critical?

Episode 1 of Tax Today: Procurement

Episode 1 Summary

Tax touches everything. That’s especially true in the procurement process. Tax determination is a critical issue for procurement and tax teams because without a correct invoice, teams are left doing the manual work to fix the mistakes made. In an effort to make the purchasing process frictionless, companies are turning towards tax automation.

In the very first episode of Tax Today, Vertex’s Kristin Schwabenbauer is joined by Mike Bernard and Peter Boerhof to talk about the partnership between tax and procurement, the similarities and differences between global systems, and the importance of automating tax. Within less than 20 minutes, listeners will have a better understanding of critical issues for procurement and tax teams, VAT liabilities within the purchasing process, KPIs to identify while planning, and more.

About the Series

Still haven’t cracked the code on indirect tax and procurement? Let us help. On Tax Today, a Vertex podcast series, host Kristin Schwabenbauer holds enlightening discussions with tax, IT, and procurement specialists focused on shaping tax in the procure-to-pay process. Tune in every week for words of wisdom to help you transform tax.

Why Add a Tax Engine for Sales and Procurement

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