The Differences in Tax in the Procure to Pay Process: U.S. vs. Global

Episode 2 of Tax Today: Procurement

Episode 2 Summary

Sales tax. Use tax. Value-added tax. In episode two of Tax Today, Kristin Schwabenbauer from Vertex Inc. talks to guests Mike Bernard and Peter Boerhof, from Vertex’s chief taxation office, about how U.S. and European organizations manage tax in their Procure-to-Pay systems. As organizations quickly find out, there are essential differences between sales and use tax as well as VAT. Navigating the granularity of various taxes, processing invoices, and managing exemptions or untaxed goods can be complex and error-prone when doing it manually.

In less than 20 minutes, this Vertex Inc. trio tackles invoice automation, accounts payable outsourcing, and touchless tax so that you can be armed with the most recent information to make your next business decision.

About the Series

Still haven’t cracked the code on indirect tax and procurement? Let us help. On Tax Today, a Vertex podcast series, host Kristin Schwabenbauer holds enlightening discussions with tax, IT, and procurement specialists focused on shaping tax in the procure-to-pay process. Tune in every week for words of wisdom to help you transform tax.

Why Add a Tax Engine for Sales and Procurement

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