Vertex Recognized for Connecting Customers to High-Value Tax Solutions

  • October 14, 2019

At Vertex, we strive to connect our customers to great technology and tax expertise, so it’s uplifting to receive outside validation that we’re succeeding in this effort. Vertex O Series and Vertex Cloud have once again been named Leaders for Fall 2019 in the Sales Tax Compliance category in an analysis of sales tax compliance software user experience conducted by G2, a B2B software rating firm.

What Customers Are Saying

According to G2, Vertex O Series and Vertex Cloud solutions received favorable comments from individual users:

  • Vertex removes the major headaches for compliance and keeps the client updated on rates and reporting.”
  • “The best part is the time-savings. Once this is set up you don’t have to do a thing to remain compliant. Customer support is there to get you through setup. It took us a little more than one month [to get] all of the correct jurisdictions with the correct data that Vertex needed in order for them to file the returns…”
  • “I like how Vertex is always reliable and gets the job done. I also have always found their support staff to be knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of their software and solution.”
  • “With the nexus compliance now becoming a law, it is almost impossible to prepare monthly sales tax returns by yourself. Thanks to Vertex—the team and software—I no longer have to stress out each month. Instead of manually preparing sales tax returns one at time, I can now upload all my data into the Vertex Cloud and produce all the returns at one time.”

G2 scored sales tax compliance software based on reviews collected from its user community and from data that G2 aggregates from online sources and social networks. To qualify for G2’s sales tax compliance software category, a software vendor’s solution must fulfill four requirements:

  1. Track sales tax rates and rules for all jurisdictions relevant to a user’s products or services;
  2. Track and apply sales tax exemptions for the appropriate times, products, transactions or accounts;
  3. Automatically update rates and rules in response to policy revisions or new legislation; and
  4. Integrate with accounting and transaction tools so correct rates are communicated, stored and applied where necessary.

Vertex Solution Benefits

Our indirect tax solutions consistently receive high marks from sales tax software users in G2 evaluations. The timing of the current recognition is especially important, given the soaring complexity of sales tax compliance. These challenges stem from the high volume of ongoing changes to rules and rates across thousands of different state, local and municipal tax jurisdictions, as well as to the flurry of new rules and laws focused on online sellers and marketplace facilitators that states have created in response to the Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision.

As sales tax compliance becomes even more complex, rest assured that we’ll continue to strengthen our software and solutions so our customers have fewer compliance concerns and more time to invest in growing their businesses.

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