The Tax Technologist: Do you need one for your organization?

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Vertex Inc. Tax Technology Today Podcast Series

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As technology continues to evolve and impact the way companies do business, one division that is feeling these changes is the tax function. Tax leaders in an organization now need a sophisticated understanding of how technology impacts tax transactions, and executive management is demanding this level of understanding from their tax professionals.

This has given rise to two new kinds of professional titles knowns as taxologists and tax technologists. But there is a distinct difference between the two roles.

In episode three of the Tax Technology Today podcast series, our CTO talks to CIO Magazine about how roles in the tax office are poised to change, and what companies need to know to bring their tax staff up to date.

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Jen Kurtz: Chief Technology Officer | Vertex Inc. 

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About the Series

Now more than ever, tax teams and tax leaders are left scratching their heads at the constantly changing tax landscape. As selling becomes more complex and digital, so too does sales tax and other indirect tax types. It’s impossible not to have questions amid all this change. At the core is perhaps the most important question – what does all this change mean for my business?

The six-episode Tax Technology Today podcast series takes tax and IT professionals through a journey of the current tax landscape. Each episode provides clarity around tax technology as it stands today. We discuss the best ways your business can improve its tax processes to stay compliant and grow with confidence.

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