Special Report: Managing Sales Tax in a COVID-19 World

Discover how businesses handle new pressures on managing sales tax.

Special Report Overview

E-Commerce veterans are no stranger to market disruptions and challenges that can rattle their multi-channel businesses. With multiple sales channels, managing online sales tax has always been a major undertaking – one that has snowballed since the Wayfair decision two years ago. 

To meet these new challenges, businesses are turning to cloud-based tax management software to automate calculations to cover the many tax rules based on different state and local taxing jurisdictions, including commerce venues such as online marketplace. 

This report examines the challenges multi-channel e-commerce companies are facing today. Download the special report to discover: 

  • How businesses are shifting operations amidst the pandemic
  • How to build a new system to last post-pandemic
  • The potential tax pitfalls and hurdles that companies must steer through
  • Uline’s solution to enabling customers to submit their tax-exemption certificates 

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