Reduce Omnichannel Complexity with Order Management Systems


Once-linear shopper journeys have become increasingly complex even as consumers have come to expect a simple, streamlined process no matter which channel they shop, what they buy or how their orders are fulfilled. This combination — rising expectations on the customer-facing side and multiple touch points, fulfillment options and tax obligations on the backend — has put the spotlight on order management systems as critical hubs for omnichannel retailers.

Join experts from Salesforce and Vertex to learn how deploying an advanced, highly integrated order management system can:

  • Reduce friction throughout the shopper journey, from browsing through transactions, fulfillment and returns
  • Simplify the complexities of multichannel selling and via multi-tenant systems
  • Help automate tax determination and compliance to ensure consistent and accurate tax calculations on every transaction

Vertex for Salesforce Order Management

View the benefits of the Vertex + Salesforce Order Management Integration and learn how to handle your orders more accurately.

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