Manufacturers and Distributors Modernize Their SAP Solutions by Implementing Tax Automation

Manufacturers and Distributors (M&D) are tapping into digital transformation to help improve supply chain insight, predictive analytics, robotics, and operational efficiencies enabled by real-time data from factory-floor sensors with  “internet of things” (IoT). As manufacturers seek to expand their footprint into other geographies with the ease of technology, tax compliance has emerged as an area of focus for risk reduction.

In this white paper, we highlight learnings from IDG’s Research  MarketPulse Survey of employees at M&D organizations to better understand the drivers behind technology and automation decisions, challenges they are facing today, and future-state technology advancements.

Read this white paper to learn more about:

  • Drivers behind cloud migration strategy and tax technology automation 
  • The importance of aligning tax and IT teams and implementing best practices for managing tax compliance
  • How tax automation coupled with your ERP and SAP Ariba platforms can provide global tax solutions to support scalability and reduce risk

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Explore the Vertex Tax Integration for SAP Ariba

In this video, we explore how our integration with SAP Ariba enables basic functions of the P2P process to be tightly knit into the tax process to improve compliance with global tax regulations.

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Efficiently manage the end-to-end VAT process, from indirect tax determination to indirect tax reporting.