How Cloud Technology Helps Retailers Achieve Omni-Channel Consistency

“The retailers that will move ahead of the pack in the coming year are those that can deliver a consistent, clear, clean, simplified, and seamless message across all channels.”

That assertion appeared in Deloitte LLP’s “Retail Industry Outlook” last year, and it remains highly relevant today. As retailers work to reach a genuinely omni-channel mode, they’re discovering that cloud technology – and, more specifically, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tax solution – can help them achieve the consistency, clarity and simplicity they desire.

A new Vertex white paper takes a closer look how SaaS tax solutions can help tax and information technology (IT) professionals within retail companies address industry challenges while helping to boost business agility. The paper also examines cloud-based tax technology benefits and how tax and IT functions can work together to conduct an informed evaluation of SaaS tax solutions.

Retailers face a formidable array of challenges: intensifying competition, increasing globalization, growing regulatory requirements, greater tax complexity, and rapidly changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

One of the primary allures of SaaS tax technology is that it provides faster access to features and functionality, freeing up time, budget and mindshare in tax functions. This enables tax professionals to devote more of their precious resources toward delivering genuine business value to retail companies striving to move ahead of the competitive pack. SaaS solutions provide cost-effective, low maintenance alternatives to on-premise versions and are poised to become one of the biggest advantages for the retail tax technology industry.

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Nancy Rieti

Former Product Line Leader

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Nancy Rieti was a Product Line Leader at Vertex where she was responsible for providing leadership in creating service and market strategy for optimizing SaaS delivery. She was with Vertex for almost 10 years in leading strategic marketing and product management tax technology roles. Nancy has more than 25 years of experience in retail operations, finance, and merchandising with multiple Forbes Global 2000 companies where she was responsible for delivering business value through strategic marketing to promote products and services, and support for key account development. Nancy has a Bachelor of Science degree from Seton Hall University and an MBA from Rutgers University.

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