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    How Cloud Technology Helps Retailers Achieve Omni-Channel Consistency

    “The retailers that will move ahead of the pack in the coming year are those that can deliver a consistent, clear, clean, simplified, and seamless message across all channels.” That assertion appeared in Deloitte LLP’s “Retail Industry Outlook” last year, and it remains highly relevant today.

    Why Cloud Matters to Tax

    Like every other function in the company, tax departments are hearing and thinking a lot more about the cloud right now. These thoughts and discussions will not let up any time soon, and they may never stop, asserts Tax Analysts editor Cara Griffith. “Businesses aren’t just implementing cloud computing as an add-on to their current business technology strategy,” Griffith writes in an article she contributed to Forbes, “they’re changing their technology strategies to use cloud computing.”

    Brave, New, Uncertain World for Retailers (Retail Tax Challenges, Part II)

    In my previous post, I discussed several of the primary challenges that confront retail tax functions. Tax automation can help address these challenges while delivering confidence that requirements are being met, as well as establishing a foundation for more efficient and effective compliance and reducing audit exposure.

    Industry Focus: Retail Tax Challenges, Part 1

    “Unprecedented disruption and change” is the phrase that a Deloitte report uses to describe the current state of the retail industry. This extraordinary period of retail-industry disturbance is giving rise to new tax challenges, which in turn are motivating more tax functions to invest in automation to achieve greater efficiencies and free up tax professionals to engage in more valuable activities.

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