A Guide to Post-Pandemic Payroll Tax

Now is the time to re-examine how you deliver tax capabilities to your customers.

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There is no question that US payroll tax has become significantly more complex as jurisdictions deal with making up lost revenue and budget shortfalls caused by the pandemic. The massive surge in remote work has put a spotlight on nexus changes and states have already begun to challenge current payroll tax legislation. 

As an HCM/staffing application provider who needs to deliver reliable tax technology to their customers, now is the time to ensure you can depend on a tax solution provider. Partnering with a leading, independent payroll tax technology provider can ensure robust tax content, flexible deployment options, and scalability to support growth. 

Download this e-book to learn more about the post-COVID payroll tax landscape, risks associated with ever-changing tax legislation, and key considerations when choosing a third-party tax technology solution.

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