Trends in Tax Talk with Vertex, DMA, and SAP

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This engaging panel discussion with Vertex, DMA, and SAP focuses on the complex and ever-changing indirect tax landscape. This virtual chat is based on a recent research report from SAPinsider where members of the tax community were surveyed to understand the trends impacting organizations’ digital tax strategies. 

Today’s tax compliance landscape continues to become more and more challenging as global e-commerce transactions continue to grow and organizations integrate digital business activities with their existing operations and ERP systems. Along with these changes, the indirect tax compliance lifecycle is also becoming more complex and costly to manage. This complexity increases when indirect taxes are passed through supply chains and across borders, as indirect tax rates can vary from one business partner to another. To avoid financial risks, penalties, and supply chain disruptions, organizations must calculate indirect taxes efficiently and accurately.

During this discussion, you will hear from our SME’s on:

  • Top trends in global indirect tax challenges and opportunities
  • Top digital tax strategy requirements and process automation
  • Required actions and steps to success in the digital transformation journey

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