Get Ahead of Communications Tax Surprises: New Tax Implications in a Post-COVID World

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In the wake of COVID-19, companies are innovating and expanding product suites to address new communications challenges posed by evolving workforce needs and ever-increasing consumer demand.

The communications sector is ripe with M&A activity as video conferencing and VoIP services are adopted as a business standard. Organizations face decisions around contact tracing apps as they move their workforce back to the office.

In this panel discussion, Vertex and PwC share insights on how your communications activity may expose you to filing obligations/requirements so you can get ahead of audit risk.

Expand your knowledge of the tax and regulatory space for communications taxes and enable yourself to identify if your organization is at risk of being impacted.

You will learn:

  • What communications tax looks like on the state and federal levels
  • Unique insights into the communications tax audit process
  • Key environmental changes you can make to help improve compliance

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