Finance System Transformation for Auto Manufacturers: Focusing on Procurement

How procurement teams, IT specialists, and CFOs can transform their operations

How is Upgrading Tax Technology like Changing a Tire?

The automotive manufacturing sector is in a period of digital transformation as electrification, autonomous driving, and connected vehicles are forcing companies to rethink how they run their operations. In addition, they are also managing new design and manufacturing trends, selling more products online, improving quality control, and looking for new ways to effectively manage their interconnected, global supply chain.

Implementing a comprehensive tax calculation solution makes it possible to drive more accurate and consistent taxation in the sales and procurement process—helping organizations achieve optimal tax performance by increasing transparency, reducing tax-related risk, and streamlining the audit process.

Read this white paper to learn more about:

  • The key challenges that automotive manufacturing procurement teams, IT specialists, and CFOs encounter as they transform their operations in today’s digital-first world.
  • How an advanced indirect tax management solution, integrated with a leading ERP solution, can improve compliance, reduce costs, and empower team members to focus on more strategic projects.
  • The ways an effective tax management system contributes to operational success by resolving tax complications, automating tax processes, and streamlining operations.

Explore how to tackle digital transformation challenges in auto manufacturing and elevate operations with effective tax management.

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