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    CTOs: Optimistic on Growth, Concerned about Innovation

    From global tax reform to the rise of tax technology to concerns about their function’s ability to innovate, a recent survey looks at what’s on the minds of tax leaders.
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    The Elements of Effective Performance Reviews

    “Write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives and adverbs. In general … it is nouns and verbs, not their assistance, that give good writing its toughness and color.”
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    The Future of International Taxation in a Digitalized World, Part 1: The OECD’s View

    How should international taxation evolve to reflect an increasingly digital global economy? It’s a crucial question and one that a growing number of stakeholders are striving to address. The OECD and the European Commission (EC) have separate, but related, efforts under way to do so, for example, and tax leaders will want to monitor these initiatives. Both organizations issued important publications in March; a subsequently published PwC Tax Policy Bulletin contains useful overviews of each effort.
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    What’s Your C-Suite Personality Type?

    At first blush, it might seem surprising to find Deloitte delving into personality types and their interactions, as presented in a recent report, Business Chemistry in the C-Suite.
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    Tax Reform May Not Be So Simple After All: Key Points to Consider

    Simplification may have been one of the primary drivers of U.S. tax reform, but the final legislation has made it clear that tax calculations and filings will be more complex for many businesses and individuals, keeping tax accountants and attorneys very busy for the foreseeable future.
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    Endless Challenges are Whacking Away at Tax Planning

    Tax leaders who’ve grown weary from beating down a procession of major tax management challenges – only to see an onslaught of new tax challenges pop up each time – might find that their jobs feel like an endless version of the arcade game Whac-A-Mole.
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    What is the concern about data security with CbC Reporting?

    The CbC report will be filed with the tax administrator in the tax jurisdiction of the MNE's ultimate parent. Thereafter, that tax jurisdiction is responsible for submitting the template to other tax jurisdictions in which the MNE operates. The primary method for automatically exchanging the template between tax administrators will be government-to-government mechanisms, such as bilateral tax treaties and tax information exchange agreements. There is a lurking vulnerability of information mismanagement between governments.
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    Why are audits a potential concern related to CbC reporting?

    Because of its inherent importance as an initial audit risk assessment tool, one must assume that the template will serve as part of the transfer pricing analyses and reconciliations needed once a transfer pricing audit is invoked by the various taxing authorities.

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