Best Practices for Managing & Mitigating Risks of Sales & Use Tax Audits Report

In this special report, we look at how a modern tax platform can help improve compliance with evolving regulations.

Best Practices for Managing and Mitigating Sales Tax Audit Risk

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Overview of Special Report

Companies need solutions in place that make it easy to identify when they’re getting close to economic thresholds for nexus. Attempting to manage tax calculation using manual processes is no longer a sustainable option for most organizations.

In this special report, Vince Morasco, O Series solution line leader, along with Mike Fleming of Sales Tax and More and Sandra Schaper of ResMed, come together to discuss how modern tax automation platforms are essential to avoiding risks and make preparing for an audit a less taxing process.

Readers will learn how a tax technology solution can help companies respond quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively should they undergo an audit.

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