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The Great Pivot: 5 Ways Retailers Can Adapt and Grow Their Businesses

Retailers experienced an era like no other when COVID-19 spread worldwide. Shopping switched from in-store to online nearly overnight. The supply chain experienced unprecedented upheaval in product availability and pricing, and purchasing patterns reshuffled product category priorities. As a result, brands had to quickly shift their operations to serve customers and protect revenue in a time of deep uncertainty.

Are you prepared to pivot?

The pandemic upended the retail landscape, but a measured recovery has already begun that will require new approaches and greater agility than ever before. Brands with a strong reinvention approach — one that leverages the latest technology tools and seamlessly supports complex transactions and multi-layered compliance obligations — will successfully navigate the new paradigm and strengthen their market share.

In this e-book, learn some of the core ways retailers can pivot to meet the new pandemic realities, including transformation tips to expand revenue, enhance operations, and maintain compliance.

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A Tax Solution for Retail

Discover how retailers can turn challenge into opportunity, and unlock new growth potential through automating their tax processes.

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