7 Benefits Manufacturers Gain from Integrating Their Salesforce Software with a Tax Engine

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If you're in the manufacturing industry, you've probably faced challenges like supply chain disruptions, higher commodity prices, and a shortage of workers.  These challenges will require you to have the right tools and technology to keep up to date with changes and accelerate your business forward for future growth – including the right tax software.

This eBook was created as a guide to help you understand:

  • How Salesforce helps manufacturers bring together marketing, sales, and service
  • Why you should integrate a tax engine to your Salesforce – reap 7 major benefits!
    1. Automate tax calculation and the maintenance of tax data
    2. Eliminate Manual processes, freeing Tax and IT resources
    3. Improve tax compliance and help reduce audit risk
    4. Reach a greater economy of scale
    5. Effectively manage exemptions and regional requirements
    6. Streamline the quote-to-cash process
    7. Deliver a better customer experience
  • Details on ‘Vertex for Salesforce’ tax calculation solutions 
  • An overview of the Vertex + Salesforce partnership and how to get started

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