BillingPlatform empowers businesses with innovative software solutions to optimize revenue generation through every stage of the customer lifecycle, powering growth through operational agility along with a frictionless customer experience. Our industry-leading, cloud-based platform is leveraged by global enterprises to optimize the customer journey from idea to revenue.

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BillingPlatform + Vertex

With global customers across multiple industries, including software, finance, media, transportation, and communications, BillingPlatform processes billions of transactions and dollars every year. Connecting BillingPlatform with Vertex gives companies access to top-of-the-line tax technology, remaining compliant while growing their business.

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Integrating with BillingPlatform + Vertex

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Tax solutions that allow companies to conduct business anywhere at any time

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An exceptional and customizable user experience for shared customers

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Solutions designed to seamlessly integrate and scale with your business

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Accurate sales and value added tax calculation for businesses

Billing Platform Subscription Billing Solution

A trusted Billing Platform partner, Vertex continues to develop and deliver innovative tax solutions to help customers extend the value of their subscription billing platform.

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