What Companies with Subscription Billing Models Need to Know About Tax

Sales & Use Tax

When it comes to managing tax, companies need to determine where they have nexus, apply applicable tax rates for each transaction, ensure they are adhering to the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction they operate in, understand exemptions and exceptions, and continuously monitor tax rules that are subject to frequent changes. All of that is required for regular, one-time purchases.

Now, factor in recurring billing through subscription business models — and it gets even more complex.

This eBook was created to help you better understand taxation within a subscription billing model, including:

  • Specific tax challenges that companies with subscription and recurring billing models face — and the consequences of those challenges not being addressed
  • How a tax engine can help resolve those challenges
  • An introduction to Vertex — and our subscription billing partners

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Discover the tax challenges facing companies with subscription billing models – and how to solve them.

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