Dominus Systems®, the industry-leading Vertex Implementation Specialist for over 20 years, offers full-service design, consulting, and implementation capabilities. Our team of consultants, implementation professionals, and support staff can provide a tailored project to assist you with the successful implementation of Vertex sales and use tax compliance system.

We have led the industry in our implementation of Vertex’s sales and use tax products, including Indirect Tax O Series®. Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series® integrates with your enterprise financial accounting, ERP, or Customer Resource Management (CRM) host system to calculate tax automatically on individual business transactions. Dominus Systems® services provide the professional assistance required to successfully install, configure, and implement Vertex Sales Tax Q and O Series with your ERP system, point of sale (POS) system, or website. 

In short, Dominus Systems specializes in every aspect of the Vertex sales and use tax software systems, and our focus has always been to fully meet all of our customers' business tax needs. Our expertise on all the different components, such as Vertex Indirect Tax for Retail, the Tax Assist module, and the XML Interface, and our experience of working with many different customers in different industries will ensure a swift and comprehensive implementation for your company.

Bobby MacLean
Vertex Consultant

Daniel Shingara
Vertex Consultant

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