When It Makes Sense to Run a VAT Reporting Automation Project

Episode 1: Solving VAT in SAP Podcast Series

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Episode 1 Summary

Businesses struggle to file VAT returns to the tax authorities in time, especially in countries where (near) real-time reporting is introduced by the tax authorities.

But when is the right time to implement a VAT reporting automation project? Should you first consider other projects before starting on reporting? Listen to our podcast to find out more about this topic.

About the Series

In this exclusive podcast series, we discuss native capabilities within SAP and how adding a 3rd party tax engine can help you centralise, optimise, and automate VAT operations and regain control at a central level.

Meet VAT reporting requirements with confidence

Learn how automating your VAT reporting can enhance processes so you can meet today’s VAT filing requirements while having the ability to respond to tomorrow’s business opportunities with confidence.

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