Redbox Implements a Seamless Returns Process

Learn how Redbox implemented a cloud-based tax automation system to streamline indirect tax across its business.

Redbox Customer Story

In this video, Samantha Sorlie, Indirect Tax Supervisor at Redbox, shares the success story of a decade-long relationship with Vertex. 

Top Advantages for Redbox

Samantha illustrates Redbox's top advantages of using Vertex, including:

Highly Responsive Support: Redbox continues to grow with confidence since its start with Vertex ten years ago. The support, Samantha says, is always there, and Redbox can count on Vertex to listen to exactly what they need and produce results quickly and efficiently.

Painless Implementation: In 2018, Redbox transitioned from Vertex Indirect Tax O Series to Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax. By leveraging Vertex Consulting services, Redbox successfully implemented Vertex Cloud in just 6-8 weeks.

Seamless Handling of Tax: Redbox has 35,000 locations and covers roughly 41,000 jurisdictions. Automating tax across this large footprint gives Samantha and her team the opportunity to leave tax to Vertex, so they can focus on more strategic business endeavors. 

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It's Time to Automate Transaction Tax

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