Navigating Toward a Better Tax Automation Solution

Learn how Vertex and NetSuite can propel your business in the right direction.

Vertex Inc. Taxation's Perfect Storm

Webcast Overview

The current business landscape is forcing companies to shift, adapt and expand to meet changing customer demands. Someone who is no stranger to responding quickly to unexpected challenges is Guinness World Record holder, Matt Brown.

On 3 January 2017, Brown found himself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, rowing his way into a storm he could neither see nor avoid. Before hitting the storm, Brown was right on track to setting the record for fastest ocean crossing in history — in a 28-foot rowing boat. Now Brown, who works on corporate partnerships within the High-Tech Team at NetSuite, brings his message of resilience, performance, and optimism to organisations worldwide.

In this webcast, learn how to remain resilient in the changing workplace and how Vertex and NetSuite can assist your organisation in scaling to meet changing sales, use, and value added tax requirement with a cloud-based global tax solution.


Matt Brown, Corporate Partnerships, NetSuite
Marc Duclos, Global Director, Oracle | NetSuite Partnership, Vertex

Navigating Toward a Better Tax Automation Solution

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