EU VAT 2021 Changes – Preparing Your E-Commerce Platform to Remain Compliant

Tax Solutions for Europe by Vertex

E-Commerce businesses are facing a raft of new VAT requirements that will come into effect in July 2021 including marketplace vendors now being liable for charging the right VAT on products when selling into the European Union and reporting VAT using the one OneStopShop process.

These and the other rules coming into play will have a significant impact on both UK and European E-Commerce businesses selling goods to consumers in EU Member States.

KPMG and Vertex discuss the practical steps to take to ensure that your business can handle these new VAT changes to increase compliance.

In this webinar you will:

  • Gain an overview of the upcoming EU VAT changes
  • Understand the implication of these changes on your business
  • Learn some practical steps businesses should take to handle these changes


John Curry – Principal Tax Transformation & Technology, KPMG Ireland

John is a principal in KPMG’s Tax Transformation & Technology team, supporting clients in utilising technology to meet tax reporting challenges across a variety of tax heads.

John has extensive experience of tax technology projects and had led the successful delivery of such projects for a number of multinational companies, both internationally and in Ireland.

John sits on the leadership team of KPMG’s EMA Tax Reimagined, EMA Tax Technology and Global Indirect Tax groups. John also chairs the global Indirect Tax Governance & Design authority for KPMG’s global tax platform, Digital Gateway.

Areas of expertise include: VAT, GST and Sales Taxes

Emmie Nygard – Global Compliance & Transformation Director, KPMG

Emmie is a Director in the Global Compliance and Transformation team at KPMG UK focusing on the Tax Transformation and Technology offerings as part of the leadership team. 

Over her career Emmie has been particularly focused on the areas of tax technology, process automation and overall tax transformation programs.  A key aspect of this has been the global implementation of tax engines across varying sectors, including e-commerce. 

Donal Colbert – EU Practice Leader, Vertex Inc.

Donal leads the European Vertex Consulting practice, which advises alliance partners and customers on how to successfully operate Vertex Solutions to simplify the complexity of European VAT requirements. The European Consulting Practice has collectively more than 100 years’ experience in operating tax technology for global VAT determination and compliance.

Donal has worked for almost 25 years in the field of Indirect Tax; in consulting at Meridian and PwC and in industry with EMC and Dell Corporations, and with the Toyota F1 Team.  In his in-house role industry, he has implemented, operated and maintained Indirect Tax Determination in Vertex O Series in 45 international VAT / GST jurisdictions.

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