Vertex Introduces New VAT Solution for Businesses Using SAP Technologies

Vertex has launched the new Vertex Indirect Tax Chain Flow Accelerator for SAP ERP, an integrated capability for chain flow data mapping to a Vertex tax engine. This solution is designed to improve tax accuracy in the Vertex tax engine for companies doing business across borders in Europe with supply chains that span multiple countries. The Chain Flow Accelerator reduces reliance on IT support for the extensive data mapping involved with configuring complex supply chains and improves value-added tax (VAT) determination accuracy.

This unique product is a complement to the Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP introduced five years ago that has provided a platform for hundreds of users of SAP technologies delivering additional capabilities and tax functionality. Specifically designed for use in conjunction with the Vertex Tax Service that calculates sales, consumer use and value-added taxes automatically during the invoice or checkout process, the Chain Flow Accelerator is implemented in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA®. The solution enables tax professionals to connect data and documents in a chain flow transaction and process that data for consistent VAT treatment across the transaction. The product was designed specifically for chain flow data mapping, providing functionality that companies have previously needed to develop as a custom solution inside SAP systems, requiring the help of IT to use and maintain. The Chain Flow Accelerator makes it easy for the VAT user to manage data mapping for chain flow transactions with minimal support from IT.

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Solving VAT in SAP

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