2020 Top 100 People Extra: Preparing for the Future

As part of this year’s Top 100 Most Influential People survey, Accounting Today asked, “What one thing would you recommend accountants do to prepare for the future?" Vertex Chief Tax Officer, Michael Bernard, and Vice President of Tax Research, Bernadette Pinamont, shared their responses. 

Be lifelong learners. Understand the general business trends of why companies are being sold, purchased or have emerged from “nowhere.” Accounting and tax support the movement and decision-making being utilized in business and understanding the trends can help in knowing how the profession must grow and change.

Michael Bernard
Chief Tax Officer
Vertex Inc.

Broad-based knowledge in as many areas as possible within accounting, but more importantly across other financial disciplines like tax accounting and reporting. In addition, skills in technology enabling solutions. In the tax area, tax technologists are highly sought after – a blend of tax subject matter knowledge, combined with tools and data analytics to improve efficiencies and scalability.

Bernadette Pinamont
Vice President, Tax Research
Vertex Inc.

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