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Choose a highly effective and efficient outsourcing solution that draws on extensive experience in indirect tax.

Vertex Inc. Outsourcing Services for Tax Preparation and More

Offload administrative tasks while staying in control of compliance.

When it comes to managing the administrative side of indirect tax returns and compliance, maintaining consistency and efficiency can be difficult.

Even with the right processes in place, internal resources can change and unforeseen changes in the economy can get in the way of business continuity. What works today may not work tomorrow.

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Don't Compromise Compliance

With so much uncertainty, companies are leaning on Vertex to support their end-to-end indirect tax processes. No matter how your business or tax staff needs may change, you can count on our team of experienced professionals to keep your compliance and filing requirements in check.

Our managed services were specifically designed for companies looking to streamline and improve indirect tax processes and reduce audit risk.

Managed services include tax return preparation, filing and tax payment, and notice management, as well as services for exemption certificate validation, collection, and storage. Our outsourcing solution allows companies to offload their administrative day-to-day tasks, while staying in control of compliance, so they can re-focus in-house resources on higher-value activity to drive business growth.

How We're Different

There are a lot of outsourcing options available when it comes to tax compliance. The key is finding and selecting the right one, and the appropriate service level you need.

Support and Training with Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax


Count on an outsourcing provider whose core competency and focus is compliance. Our professionals are dedicated to maintaining consistency and efficiency for your tax returns process and indirect tax compliance.

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Leverage our expertise, best practices, and standardized processes to keep you ahead of the latest requirements, dates, and forms. Automation tools help reduce errors in the tax filing process, reducing risk for your business.

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We'll take care of the exhausting administrative tasks while providing you full visibility into what is going on behind the scenes, so you can stay in control of compliance.

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Our outsourcing professionals provide expertise, support your needs, and answer any questions you have about your service.

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With Vertex, your outsourcing provider will feel like a true extension of your in-house tax staff, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on more strategic work for your tax team and business.



Vertex offers 40+ years of sales & use tax expertise, including industry-leading sales and use tax software and a team of reliable experts. Our Vertex Outsourcing Services provides companies with a proven solution to handle indirect tax processes and compliance in the United States and Canada.


What are you looking to outsource?

  • Sales & Use Tax Returns

    Outsource the administrative tasks of returns preparation, filing, and treasury management.

  • Exemption Certificates

    Outsource the administrative tasks of exemption certificate validation, renewal, and collection or allow us to sort it out first so you can manage it in-house.

“Our Vertex Returns Processor performs as though he works here in our office. He’s very conscientious, very diligent, and very responsive. We really work hand-in-hand and we have great confidence in the process.”

Genice Joyce Tax Manager, Lhoist

7 Criteria for Hiring a Compliance Outsourcing Partner

Tax professionals should consider a provider that offers unmatched customer support while upholding a good reputation, and the experience to deal with different customers and issues that arise.