Vertex Communications Tax

Stay compliant with the latest taxes, surcharges, and fees for communications services from landline and wireless to cable, satellite, and VoIP. Improve billing accuracy and generate the reporting you need for compliance and audit.

Communications services may be at the core of your business, or these services may be merely part of a broader portfolio of offerings. Companies who previously didn’t consider themselves communications providers – like Netflix, Microsoft, and Google – may now need to manage the complex communications taxability of data streaming.

In either case, you face continuous change—from new services and technologies to shifts in regional coverage following mergers or expansions. Rules and rates for communications taxes, surcharges, and fees are also in constant flux. All these variables affect the detailed bills you must submit to customers every month.

Vertex arms communications service providers with a robust communications tax calculation engine, powerful location utility, and seamless integration with major billing and ERP systems—making it simpler and easier to navigate the complexities and avoid compliance risks around communications taxes, surcharges, and fees.


  • Taxability rules and rates for a range of communications services including wireline, wireless, cable, satellite, VoIP, and audio and video streaming.
  • Continually updated content for nearly 10,000+ taxing jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Tracking of ever-changing rates including locally administered taxes, tax rate overrides and partial rates, maximum and varying line rates, and line-based taxation.
  • Situs determination, tiered taxes, thresholds, maximum amount tax, and complex rounding rules.
  • Customizable rates and rules, franchise fees, and bundled services.
  • More accurate jurisdiction identification.
  • Management reports to facilitate compliance.
  • Solutions for legacy/mainframe and client/server IT environments.

  • Seamless integration with Amdocs, CSG International, Ericsson, Mind, NetCracker, and Oracle.
  • Reliable tax determination based on the latest rates.
  • Transaction data stored for use in returns preparation.

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